Revolution in Design and Production with Arcam EBM® Technology

Arcam EBM® technology defined as the metal powders in the production chamber are melted layer by layer with a strong electron beam to form a completely dense metal component. Arcam EBM® is one of the most successful metal-layer manufacturing machines and technologies in the world in terms of speed, strength and precision. It serves various sectors and requirements with 4 different machine preferences.
Arcam EBM® Spectra H has an expanded platform that allows the production of larger parts or more parts in a single production process, and has the ability to process a new and different alloy, such as titanium aluminate, which is particularly preferred in the aerospace and medical sector.

Expanded platform has the largest CPA production volume for high heat material
250 mm diameter x 430 mm height
Processing capacity at temperatures exceeding 1000 ° C
Automatically calibrated 6kW electron beam
Closed circuit system with dustproof environment
Movable heat shields for improved insulation
Automatic powder distribution and dust recycling system
Cyclone and magnetic separators for maximum dust control


Maintains dust integrity for optimum part production
100% power increase and 50% faster production (compared with previous Arcam machines)
Higher heat allows more alloys to be combined
Larger production area volume, possibility to produce larger parts or more parts at the same time
Automated system reduces operator dependence and ensures best quality control
Powder delivery system ensures reproducible and reliable parts
Possibility to produce better quality parts in less time