Arcam EBM® technology defined as the metal powders in the production chamber are melted layer by layer with a strong electron beam to form a completely dense metal component. Arcam EBM®, one of the most successful metal-layer manufacturing machines and technologies in the world in terms of speed, strength and precision, serves various sectors and requirements with 4 different machine preferences.

Arcam Q10 Plus is a new generation CPA machine specially designed for the low cost production of orthopedic implants. The size of the construction area is designed for optimal stacking of the most common types of implants, and the interior of the construction room has been developed for easy dust handling and quick turnaround times.



Easy-to-use operator interface

The latest generation EB (Electron Beam) weapon

Arcam xQam ™ for high precision automatic calibration

Arcam LayerQam ™ for structure verification

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Arcam EBM Q10 Plus