Arcam EBM® technology defined as the metal powders in the production chamber are melted layer by layer with a strong electron beam to form a completely dense metal component. Arcam EBM®, one of the most successful metal-layer manufacturing machines and technologies in the world in terms of speed, strength and precision, serves various sectors and requirements with 4 different machine preferences.

Arcam A2X is designed for both production and R & D of materials such as titanium aluminate and Alloy 718, as well as materials requiring high temperatures for processing. This CPA platform offers a production area of ​​200x200x380 mm. The Arcam A2X system is used in aerospace functional parts as well as in major universities and research institutes worldwide.

The production chamber of the Arcam A2X is specially designed to withstand extremely high operating temperatures of up to 1100 ° C. This is suitable for the production of the components of TiAl and Alloy 718. In addition to production, the Arcam A2X is well suited for the R & D of new materials. Arcam has a clear material strategy that can actively support customers' own powder material development processes, and the Arcam A2X is ideal for this purpose.

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Arcam EBM A2X