M2 Cusing is a product developed with the experience and reliability of Concept Laser systems. It is the world's first laser system specially developed for the processing of reactive powder materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys. Concept Laser machines are equipped with sensor and measuring technology, which is not found on any other machine, in compliance with the latest explosion and fire regulations (ATEX Zone 22 category II 2 D). Therefore, a high level of safety has been achieved. The system also includes a monolithic powder storage unit. The newly developed fiber laser guarantees high resolution details, ensuring that parts manufactured with LaserCUSING® technology at room temperature achieve outstanding mechanical properties.

M2 Cusing is a system ready to develop production technologies as a perfect solution in industries such as aerospace, automotive and molding.

Product processing capacity: 250 x 250 x 350 mm3 (x, y, z)

M2 Cusing Laser System: Fiber laser 200W (cw), optional 400W (cw)

M2 Cusing Dual Laser System: Fiber laser 2 x 200 W (cw), Optional 2 x 400 W (cw)

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Concept Laser M2 Multilaser
Concept Laser M2