Meet the largest member of the LaserCUSING® family.

The X Line 2000R is the largest production platform in the world among 3D metal printers. The X Line 2000R has a production platform of 800 x 400 x 500mm and is equipped with 2 1000W fiber lasers. The X Line 2000R, which can work between 30-150 micron layer thickness, has been specially developed for large-sized parts made from reactive powder materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys. The X Line 2000R is equipped with sensors and measuring technology that complies with the explosion and fire regulations (ATEX Zone 22 category II 2 D) and has a high level of safety. The system is also offered with the option of a second production module to minimize idle time during production, part loading and unloading. The X Line 2000R caters to all types of manufacturers who want to produce aluminum and titanium parts with large and complex geometries.

Product processing capacity: 800 x 400 x 500 mm3 (x, y, z)

Laser system: Fiber laser 2 x 1 kW (cw)

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